Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gorgeou$ Dollar$ Anime Version

lol, as the title says~ Anime Version. All thanks to Jene Rose our resident IT expert who works as a technician and librarian as part time. But this was all in the past because I heard she's working full time now? HDU, explain to me why you're working alr loljk.

Because Jene Rose created these masterpieces, let's start with her version:

Sigh, I knew she was being biased because she drew herself so cute I don't think it resembles her in any way trollolololololololol. She hasn't tell me what application she used to draw these Anime versions of ourselves. But it's really really cute~ hahahaha! Hmmmm, how should I describe this anime that will somehow represent Jene Rose as a person... Well aside from the bangs lol, because she really has those.

Next! Aizzel hahahaha!

No one can argue how similar this anime is to the person it should resemble lol. Aizzel uses earphones every time but I think it would have been better if Jene Rose used a mobile phone to represent how Aizzel always goes on Twitter. Like me of course lol. Like all of us. But Aizzel is different because she camps on Twitter now. Hahahahaha!

 The thorn among the roses trollolololol, Carlo

For one, I understand how he has evil-lish wings lol. And the ear piercings lol Jene Rose. Carlo, how should I say this? I know I have to be very careful in describing him lolololol because he has a blog and that he might diss me if I used an inappropriate word to describe him =)))

The new recruit in the group lol, Suzanne

I  believe the chopsticks represented Suzanne's being a half Chinese. ^0^ Yes, our group is multi-racial. Although I really don't understand how she kinda looks a lot like a cat in this anime. But yeah, we always tease her for having a squishy pair of healthy cheeks in the group hahahahaha!

Of course, the blogger should be the last. As the saying goes, "saving the best for last"~

Now now now, apart from me wearing eyeglasses and laughing like how I always do in real life, why am I the only one who has cat ears? Hoy Jene Rose. Explain. Also, I still don't get the line thingy in my eyes lolololol. I have to say I love the Red necktie thing and my hair looks ozm. ^0^

I felt the need to blog about Jene Rose's creations because it's really cute and people need to know how osm it is. ♥ I also hope she will make chibi version of ourselves soon as well. When she finally realizes and finally makes chibi versions, I'll probably make a blog post out of it and ask her on her inputs because after all, it's her creation. Also to not make the post dull and all hahahaha!And possibly include an in real life picture of our group and make a spot the difference game or something. =)

Until the next blog post!

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